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For your enjoyment, and to spark your imagination for your own session and story of YOU, or for the photo-illustrations we might create for YOUR BOOK that you are publishing, here are some videos to share, of our signature B. St.Pierre StoryBooks!

B. St.Pierre StoryBooks aren't just about fantasy (our adorable fairies, mermaids and pirates, for example).

They are the creation today, of tomorrow's beautiful memories.

They might celebrate relationships or talents, everyday interactions, or landmark occasions.

They are very special and will be treasured by families for generations to come.

We think of them as - Imagination, Alter-Ego, Celebration, and Every Day Heroes; the story is your own.

Some of our client StoryBooks, in video!

What is a StoryBook? Watch this video, illustrated with pages from 'When in Search of Dragons', and find out!

Click to see Celebration StoryBook- this one a grandparents/grandchild relationship; 'Every Day is A Wonderful Day'

Experience a little of the session and after-magic, in the making of Imagination StoryBook, 'Hidden Treasure'

See five children have a Christmas Eve adventure, with their great-grandparents starring at Santa and Mrs. Claus, in 'A Spectacular Night Before Christmas'!

Have a child that wears their favorite character costume all day every day? See Imagination StoryBook, 'Allie's Mermaid Dream'.

Hear from Bonnie as she introduces the idea behind an AlterEgo StoryBook, for Cosplay character model client in 'The Secret'.

If you missed it on our Home Page, here's the video of the segment of the making of one of our Celebration StoryBooks, featured on NH Chronicle!

If you are excited by the idea of having one of our beautiful and unique books telling one of the many stories of YOUR life, or you are an author yourself, wanting your picture book to be illustrated in a way that grabs the hearts of your readers, click here to contact us.

Don't wait another moment. Today is too soon many yesterdays ago.